Visitor Management System

What is Visitor Management System (VMS)?

VMS is a complete and comprehensive Visitor Management System used to authenticate and provide temporary (time based & type based) credential to visitors at any organization where the safety and security of the occupants is a concern. The VMS solution generates visitor badges in seconds, while concurrently capturing and storing visitor's information including photo in a database for easy retrieval and reporting. There is an audit trail, for every unique visitor badge. You can query and create visitor reports to include predefined fields, such as visitor type, badge type, destination, vehicle, etc. The VMS solution is also equipped with an easy to use back-end system administration to populate the "user-definable" data entry fields and forms to meet the specific clients' needs.

How does the Visitor Management System work? :

  • Visitor approaches the first checkpoint (Security Guard's Cabin) of the Organization. Security Guard captures/enters the Visitors data including his/her company details, personal details, purpose of visit and other details along with his/her fingerprint data (OPTIONAL) and photgraph thru DIVYA's fingerscanner and PC based camera. All this details are entered in the node Computer at the security cabin.
  • This information is sent to the central server and instantly redirected to the person authorised to allow or disallow the Visitor to enterthe premise. The Authorising person can be an Admin, SuperAdmin, Department head or the one with whom the meeting with the Visitor is scheduled. The Authoriser can Allow or Debar the access to the visitor.
  • Alternately, the entry time of the visitor can be rescheuled as per the convinence of the Authorizer. Alternatively, the Authorizer can set-program and schedule the meeting in advance so as to allow the Visitor directly after the Security Registration,Screening and Verification.
  • The granting by the Authorizer is routed to the same Security Guard's Computer. The Security Guard can procees the transaction in the following way based on the authorisation.
    Access Denied = Security Guard cannot issue an Access Card or ID Badge of the Visitor.
    Access Allowed = Security Guard can issue an Access Card and the ID Badge of the Visitor.
    Access Time Altered = Security Guard can issue an Access Card and the ID Badge of the Visitor … but the Visitor will get Access only at the specified time.
  • The Visitor can pass thru the Access Checkpoints and proceed to the person to be met.
  • On return, the Visitor will have to drop the Access Card in the Drop box to allow the gate to open out
  • The ID Badge of the Visitor can be printed on a Temporary Disposable material or directly on the Access Card.

Reports and Analysis :

The VMS simplifies full reporting and auditing of visitor activities and stores your reports in a secure database. You can instantly display photos of all visitors in your building. You can also sort your reports by visitor type, visitor name, visit date, etc. You can create your own customized reports easily with just a few keystrokes.

What do you get with the Visitor Management System? :

We also provide turnkey solution by implementing the coplete system including the software, hardware, peripherals and networking.

Minimum recommended H/W and peripheral required :

  • Server P4 or higher; 512 MB RAM, 1GB HDD Space, Web components, Internet Connectivity
  • User PCs connected to the Server
  • WebCamera for Photo Capture
  • Color Printer for Badge Printing

What type of system support will be available from DIVYA? :

DIYVA has the required capabilities to customize and integrate the VMS to your specific needs. We can provide a complete VMS solution can be expanded to include your organization's specific needs.

DIVYA is dedicated to provide the following services:

Field Deployment

  • Develop Installation Procedures
  • Install and Configure the VMS solution

Systems Training & Integration:

  • Determine Configuration Requirements
  • Provide Configuration, Customization and Integration Support
  • Training


  • Develop/perform the Testing or Certification Procedure
  • Coordinate implementation with the Security Operations Center

Advantages :

  • Only Authorised Persons can grant/allow Visitor Pass.
  • Visitor Pass / Access can be granted directly by Security Guard/Receptionist through Special rights.
  • Can be integrated with Visitor Access Control System.
  • Visitor cannot leave the premise without depositing the Visitor Card in the gate at Exit*
  • Restrict Visitors from visiting your organisation.
  • Appointment based System, where only authorised persons in the organisation will create the appointments and entry passes can be made only for those appointments.
  • Restrict visitors marked in the ‘Blacklist’..
  • Computer generated entry pass with Photo ID.
  • Auto system coding of Contactless Card Visitor Card.*
  • Instant status of Visitors inside the premise.
  • Department / Designation. Employee wise granting and rights.
  • Various Reports.