Vehicle Identification / Access & Private Parking Management System

The Parking Management System broadly constitutes of the Access Control of Vehicles, Revenue Management, Entry / Exit Boom Barriers & some other Statistical Information. It’s a real time Vehicle counting mechanism with guidance displays at various strategic spots, built in with SMOKE SENSORS, GAS DETECTORS, & AUTOMATIC LED LIGHTING ILLUMINATION for Parking Slots to give an Improved Experience to the commuters. Commercial and industrial parking management system rental on rent in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India to entire world by us since 1990 with assured reliability, durability, quality and safety.

Divya's Parking System utilizes a variety of technologies to help commuters find unoccupied parking spaces, Adaptive Lighting System, and Parking Space LED Indicators (Red for occupied, Green for empty, Orange/Blue for reserved for the VIP/disabled etc.; above every parking space).

  • Parking Slot Occupancy Sensors with Multicolour LED indicators / Head poles
  • Multi Consoles
  • Master Controller
  • Indoor LED Displays
  • Outdoor LED Displays
  • Ticket Dispensers
  • Ticket Acceptors & Cashbox
  • Automatic Boom Barriers with integrated Vehicle Detection Capacity
  • Central Management Software
  • Battery Back Up (Optional)

Know More About... :

These Parking Management System are very Well made in India.

Parking Management System are designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Parking Management System are CE Certified and meets hence International Standard

Advantages :

  • Ideal solution for automated car parks
  • Control of system is quick and inexpensive
  • Doesn't required literate man power.
  • Save time.
  • No need of bar code reader and thermal paper.
  • No need to calculate amount at the end of the day.

Benefits :

  • It increases customer satisfaction & loyalty.
  • Reduces vehicle build-up and queuing at entries & exits.
  • Shorter vacant slot search times resulting to less vehicle emissions & pollutions.
  • Total visibility on utilization of each parking level and location.
  • Cost effective & maintenance free solution.
  • Highly power efficient.