Tubestile is a product which offers the highest possible security level. Premises wherein only and only the right person is required to enter the premise, Tubestile is the only solution. High security man trap circle gates, booths, doors and tubestiles since 1990 with assured industrial features which are required for current era, less efforts required for maintenance and simple to set up according to suggested size and area. It prevents any attempt of unauthorized entries with combination of various sensors & a secured logic. It is totally cylindrical in shape with dual doors. Once a person enters the tubular booth after a proper validation, various sensors embedded in the Tubestile activates & ensures a single & the correct authorized person entry through its full proof secured logic totally eliminating piggybacking or tailgating. The same can also act as a virtual mantrap system depending upon the requirements.

Tubestile is a capsule-like high security booths have interlocking doors allowing entry to a building or office by one authorised person at a time. Tubestiles are typically used by security and intelligence agencies, Defence Laboratories, Research & Development Organizations, Strong Rooms, Banks and Jewellery Houses etc. to control access to buildings housing very highly sensitive information. The devices appear in the BBC spy drama Spooks, in which they are referred to as pods. Security dual door booth, is a product indigenously developed & manufactured by "DIVYA", Mumbai, for the first time in India and due to its tubular shape marketed as "TUBESTILES".

These Tubestile are very Well made in India.

Tubestile are designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Tubestile are CE Certified and meets hence International Standard.

  • Server Rooms
  • Software organizations
  • R&D Labs
  • Gem & Jewelry Processing units
  • Banks
  • Nuclear & Missile test beds
  • Telephone exchanges
  • Defence establishments