Automatic Sliding Door Telescopic

Automatic sliding door slides on from left to right or right to left respectively. Automatic sliding door with telescopic are commonly installed as per the suggestions and convince. Mechanism are designed as such which ensures a quiet & noiseless operations. Operators are equipped with logic controllers thus providing the flexibility of various logic which can be built in. Suitable safety devices can also be attached making them suitable for commercial use.

  • Total Automated Operation.
  • Anti crushing features.
  • Micro controller logic Control
  • Can be operated through remote control or push buttons.
  • Motors & Mechanisms available for any door size and weight.
  • Mechanisms for Single Leaf & Double Leaf available
  • Noiseless Smooth Operations.
  • Can be integrated with any type of Access Control Readers.
  • Also available mechanisms for Telescopic arrangement doors.
  • In the case of power failure, manual operation is possible.