Entrance & Exit Barrier

Entrance & Exit Barrier

Telescopic Flap Barriers are the ideal product for corporates completely meeting its high end logic requirements & matching to the existing Decore. It offers a considerable high throughput & totally hands-free automated entrance solution ensuring only authorized persons exit and entrance barriers. The beautiful & stylish design of the telescopic flap barriers offers a simple effective & user friendly operations. Telescopic Flap Barriers can also be used for handicap entrance and exit barriers with a wide lane telescopic flap wings. Entrance and exit barrier manufacturers and suppliers in India to entire globe from 1990. Owing to its design & depending on its configurations it offers a mid lo high-level security.

Telescopic Flap Barriers including entry, exit and entrance barrier are very Well made in India.

Telescopic Flap Barrier is designed, developed and manufactured in India.

Telescopic Flap Barriers are CE Certified and meets hence International Standard.

  • Defence Establishments
  • R&D Establishments
  • Nuclear & Missile Test Beds
  • Railways
  • Fun Parks
  • VIP Areas
  • Telephone Exchanges
  • Power Plants
  • Parliament & Assembly House
  • Office Premises
  • Stadiums and Playgrounds