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Divya Infotech Corp envisions itself as a security products manufacturing company that pioneers innovations. DIVYA's high skills and experience coupled with its deep commitment to R&D ensure that whatever is done is the best and caters with the latest technological trends.

The who's who list of customers of more than 13,000 around the globe testifies to this fact. Be it Time Attendance, Access Control, Security Gates, Electro Mechanical Tripod Turnstile and any other Security solutions. DIVYA stands out amongst the rest with an experience of almost three decades.

What is this System.

The Time Attendance or Access control System serves as a backbone of any organization. It serves the dual purpose of security by restricting unauthorized entries & also by maintaining punctualities of employees by maintaining attendance records. All employees approaches the main gate wherein everyone needs to punch in their In time & Out time while going out. Depending on the same the salary calculations are made.

What are the Problems Faced and hence the need for improvement.

In a manually maintained system, proxy entrances is the most common form of nuisance. Unauthorized person can easily sneak in the secured premise without any notice. Also the nuisance of the manual intervention looms large. Anybody can lure the guards & get through the manual security chain in to the premises. Also one can easily manipulate with the entry & exit timings as it is written by hand.