R & D Lab / Research Center

Divya Infotech Corp envisions itself as a security products manufacturing company that pioneers innovations. DIVYA's high skills and experience coupled with its deep commitment to R&D ensure that whatever is done is the best and caters with the latest technological trends.

The who's who list of customers of more than 13,000 around the globe testifies to this fact. Be it Time Attendance, Swing Flap Barrier, Access Control, Security Gates or any other Security solutions DIVYA stands out amongst the rest with an experience of almost three decades.

What is this System.

Vehicle access to any premise is again as critical as unauthorized person entry in any premise. Unauthorized vehicle entries not only cause vehicle parking issues but can also pose threat to the installation/premise by various ways

What are the Problems Faced and hence the need for improvement.

Vehicles nowadays cause a bigger threat. Explosives can be carried inside & blasts can be triggered among many other possibilities of security breach. In a normal vehicle entry point, any vehicle can easily sneak in barging the manual security line of fence and all types of nuisances can be done. Additionally the unauthorized vehicles parked in side cause scarcity of actual premise vehicle owners.