Multi Channel Gas Detector & Analyzer

Multi Channel Gas Detector is a Versatile Master Controller Device which can be connected to several other Multi Channel Gas Detector with all of belong as Masters. These Multi Channel Gas Detector can take in various sensor inputs like CNG, PNG, NOX, SOX, Oxygen, CO, CO2, Methane, Ammonia, Sulphur and also Temperature, Pressure, Humidity.

LPG, Flue Gases, Petrol Vapour, Smoke, Gobar Gas, Freon, Ammonia, Hydro-carbon town Gas, Hexane, Benzene, Chloroform fumes, Acetone, Carbon Monoxides, Hydrogen, Solvent Vapour,

Methane, H2S, Poisonous Gas, Acetylene, Kerosene Vapour, Homogenised Hydro Carbon, SO2, SO3, Organic Gas, Natural Gases, Ether, Alcohols, CNG and many more gases.