LPG, CNG and PNG (Combustible) Gas Leak Detector & Analyser

We at Triumph, are always concerned about your Safety for detecting and analysing in gas leak. So, we have been the first company to initiate Safety Drive related to Flammable Gas.

This Safety Drive covers safety tips and also raise awareness regarding common kitchen gas leak hazards and its prevention. Kitchen Gas Detector including LPG CNG and PNG gas leak detector as well as kitchen gas analyser manufacturer, suppliers, exporters, distributors, dealers and traders in Mumbai, India to entire world with assure quality and safety of products.

You already must be aware of various kitchen gas leak hazards and accidents occurring. But there are some careless mistakes and some negligence which can be the cause of severe risk and accidents and so through this Safety Drive, we want to create awareness and shall let you know a few precautionary steps through which you can avoid such accidents.

The Main Topic Would Be :

  • How to maintain your Gas based Equipment.
  • Components of Gas Cooking and its Inspection.
  • Risk involved while working with Gas based products
  • Detection of Gas Leak and Methods and Instruments to detect Gas Leaks
  • Reduction your Financial Loss due to Gas Leaks
  • High Sensitivity
  • Heat >55°C Detection
  • Quick Initialisation Time < 30 Time
  • High Sound Alarm
  • LED Indication
  • Easy To Install (DIY)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • 1 Year Warranty