Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems

Triumph's Continuous Emission Monitoring System with Advanced Micro Controller Based Design ensures you Industry Leading Features and Specifications with Easy View Display and Early Alarm Warning to keep your Pollution Emission levels under check.

Built-In Data Logger and Software will Definitely help you Monitor Production Loss, Online Dust Monitoring, Protecting Vacuum Pumps from Filter Bag Tear, Energy Saving in EPS's, Detection of Broken Bag Filters, Checks Healthiness of Water Scrubber and Multi Cyclone and Analyse your Emission to better standards for compliance with Pollution Control Board and Environment Norms.

  • Continuously Monitoring of Emission in any units of measurement for Better pollution control and monitoring
  • Ensuring Compliance with pollution control Board and environment norms.
  • Monitoring the performance of Pollution Controlling equipments like ESPs, Bag Houses, Incinerators, Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Scrubbers etc
  • Giving Early Alarm & Indication of increase in emissions which helping timely redressed of problem before they become severe, ensure smoother production & prevent damage to downstream equipment & prevent damage to downstream equipment like ID Fans, Vacuum pumps etc. and ensuring optimal and long life of ID Fan/ Vacuum pump / other Downstream Equipment.
  • Monitoring product loss and ensuring maximum product recovery
  • Reliable TRIBOELECTRIC Technology accepted world wide
  • Built in Data Logger (Optional)
  • 4-20 mA Current drivers (optional)
  • Siren connectivity
  • Compact, robust and Light in weight
  • Remote network Monitoring
  • Accurate and Reliable Readings, directly in mg/nm3
  • Facility to display instantaneous emissions as Well as average emissions.