Divya Infotech Corp envisions itself as a security products manufacturing company that pioneers innovations. DIVYA's high skills and experience coupled with its deep commitment to R&D ensure that whatever is done is the best and caters with the latest technological trends.

The who's who list of customers of more than 13,000 around the globe testifies to this fact. Be it Time Attendance, Access Control, Pedestrian Barrier, Security Gates or any other Security solutions DIVYA stands out amongst the rest with an experience of almost three decades.

What is this System.

Locker management system is mainly utilized in industries & factories wherein employees are required to deposit their belongings in safety lockers before entering the workplace / shop floor. Generally valuables are kept in the lockers & locked so that they are safe. This can be achieved electronically also. Biometric locks are most common. Although Card / PIN locks are also common due to their ease of use. Herein physical lock & keys are replaced with biometric locks. Hence hassle free operation is ensured & eliminates keeping & maintaining separate keys for lockers. Each person is allotted a locker & he can get access to his locker only through either biometric, card or PIN verification.

What are the problems faced and hence the need for improvement.

The main drawback or hindrance faced in Lockers is the key management. Frequently the allotted keys does get lost which lead to a messy situation wherein the locker is either needed to be broken or the lock & key needs to be replaced. Security is also under constant threat as the lockers can be easily misused.